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berea community middle school basketball

By | 16.08.2018
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Berea College (KY)

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Dennis Grant

Dennis Grant
Title: Athletic Events Coordinator
Phone: 859.985.3423
Email: [email protected]
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Dennis Grant graduated from Berea College with a B.A. in
Mathematics in 1971.  After obtaining a Master’s Degree in
Education from Eastern Kentucky University (Rank 1 in
Administration), the Waynesville, NC, native taught 15 years of
middle school mathematics at Berea Community Middle School. 
He also served as Director of Pupil Personnel at Berea Independent
Schools for 16 years, from which he retired in 2004.

Mr. Grant played varsity basketball for four years while at
Berea College and coached three years of varsity basketball at
Berea Community High School.  He was also an assistant coach
for basketball and various other sports for several years. 
This is his sixth year working as the Athletic Events Coordinator
for the Athletic Department.

Dennis and his wife, the former Darlene Devere, reside in
Berea.  Among his many interests are playing tennis, bikiing,
gardening, watching sports of any type, and involvement in church







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