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university of notre dame law school admissions

By | 29.07.2018

The Law School



Why choose Notre Dame Law?

A Notre Dame lawyer embodies the characteristics of exceptional moral and ethical standards, extraordinary ability, and a compassion for others. With the honor of a Notre Dame degree comes the responsibility to maintain this distinct reputation.

A Notre Dame degree is recognized by employers worldwide. It provides an open door into all sectors of legal employment. You can shape public policy as a practicing lawyer, public servant, judge, innovator in business or in the non-profit world, among many other career options.

Our strength in both legal theory and practical skills training, the proactive approach of the Career Development Office, the extensive and extremely dedicated alumni network, and the reputation of the Law School and the University all combine to make a Notre Dame legal education an outstanding foundation for achieving your personal and professional goals.

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Law Tuition

Tuition and Financial Support

Law school is a major investment in your future. A Notre Dame legal education will provide training from premier academic faculty, opportunities experiential learning, a dedicated Career Development Office, and membership in one of the strongest alumni networks in the country.

Yet, many students find Notre Dame Law School to be affordable, especially when compared to similar institutions in large cities. Many students live well beneath the maximum amount the budget allows in part because South Bend’s cost of living is quite low. Housing costs are far below what they are in other markets, and can be even easier to manage when sharing housing. 

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Educating a different kind of lawyer begins with a different kind of application process. While many of the required aspects of your application to Notre Dame are similar to other law schools, the way we review you will feel different. Our NDLS Application form makes it easy to apply. Our application process goes well beyond scores and extracurricular accomplishments, because these alone don’t fully indicate whether you’re up for the challenge of serving the greater good.

Our process is designed to give you the information you need to make an informed decision, and determine if Notre Dame is the best fit for your personal and professional goals. The result of our highly selective admissions process is a small, well-rounded class with a variety of backgrounds and experiences—a class made up of some of the best and brightest candidates in the country.

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